Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Again, so Soon...

Thoughts on life stretching out before me. What to do in a world of possibility and the whole world stretching out before me like a simple path? With each breath I step and make the path as I know it, need it, desire it to be. With each step I take a breath and hope the step is the best I can take. There arises in a man a sense of duty, not to do what must be done, but to do what is possible, to do the absolute best. I see now, 25 and looking out on my life, that what is possible is truly unbelievable and when you bring the two together it is clear that what MUST be done is what is unbelievable...and then there is that weight that weighs the shoulders down a bit when I realize that what I am going to do is IMPOSSIBLE. And then the weight is lifted when I remember that nothing is impossible with God and Christ and Love on earth.

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