Saturday, September 26, 2009


I will have to save this as something i will never find. can i just type these words for a quick on? put them down when the energy rolls. dont be foiled by the simple trap plan of the world first presented to you. everyone looks at that breaking age in life, 16 or 19 or 22, they break away from what they know (hopefully for soul's growth reasons) but so easily slip into a reflection of the same tho with starry atributes. i have seen those lights, that simple glow out over hollywood the surging call of Babylon and all that infrastructure running that droning vibration intto the empty desert at its borders and beyond. that never slow vibration of the big city that just keeps churning. the sun rises every morning and we get in our cars and drive to work. the realest God filling work in the world is the home. the family, at the married paired, is the foundation of his kingdom on Earth. i see now a new version of my same old dream, always growing, always going along, divided and synthesizing, the epic endless outpouring. by my deeds i attest the extension of His Being, love. love in Action is the age. are we the children of the Age of God coming? yes we are. we are the very start of a new outpouring. maybe not the start for sure, I can feel the ancestry and the passing forth of He, but now we roll into anew. i know the new because I was, am being, transformed absolutely from the inside out. I love rolling on the keyboard. trying to get it down. what? the final life and the coming into being of great. yes the great that is to come. that is here.

I attest to experience and the coming into evermore light. illumination. from God within outward, literally becoming as Light, extending Love through the Universe. the trinity is finally One. i am thankful to be God, by His Creation, and not to be my crazy self. God created me. Now i render service to God through service in the kingdom by the extension of love. yes. i do nothing but I AM He. You see I am He and then i can just be with God. He loves creation and now I am creating these words for God. I just roll on the writer and try to slip a tongue. i try to slip the roll see the beat turned up and now it is a flow but there isnt much there. and i DO want to tell you secrets. and I do want to confuse you with the spirit forevermore. I will see you now as Spirit and I as Spirit and we All as flowing spirit. thank you that these words (which are what?) can be struck and put down with such ease. will ever I ever have the discipline to Write in time to the rhythm of the story as it fows out from my heart, and to really get it down so it is genuine?

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