Saturday, September 12, 2009


I magnetize the world out and in with my Heart.
I am in the Heart beat and center of all things.
I see the world surrounding me, I create from the center outward.
I create from outward back to the center.
I create in the flow with love and thus create as God creates and the whole world loves my creation.
The whole world is in constant supreme devotion to God and His ever expanding creation.
The universe expands because YOU create.
Fill the void in tapestry of Light and Love, create, radiate from the Heart outward, inward, and magnetize the whole world.
Be the center in the center of all things.
Be the periphery at the edge of creation expanding the horizon, creating with Love.
Your heart is a magnet.
Radiate Love, draw Love back.
This is law, practice, devotion, hope, and supreme example of OUR creative potential.
Be God in the Heart center, expand your creation in Love, by Love, for Devotion.

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