Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Could Be Your Boy

but then what would we find?

I see the whole world revolve around me,
I am the center of my story,
who else does the sun make its orbit about,
the whole world revolves about
And I realize, where am I?
I can't find myself anymore, I am lost
in the Sun, I am lost in the dark street,
but I have never been there.
Fear is a darkness you have never seen,
but you shriek in fear, or
slink out the back door of your life.
Where are you? I am in the back
of the club, always,
always I could be your boy.
And you could be my girl and thats
secret Flow.
Thats just a spark, what I know
is a Consuming Fire.
Oh yes.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I sit on the brink of life happening, where life imagining and life in action cross at a still moment, the inward breath. No more sitting but standing now and cheering and writing the top of the morning off the top of my head and rejoicing for the sun and clouds did rise, and the moon always follows. The inward breath is the potential outward, or is this out of touch? Be in the moment is the decree, the call, the technique! Be in the moment and grace...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sitting Now...

Looking out across my Life.
Waking this morning wondering about the value of mistake.
Thankful for free will.
Thankful that the Universe is a classroom and I am to Learn.
A deep breath, arms in the air, stretching out the tension, leaving it behind.
Wondering now at the shiftyness of Life and how it is always around the next corner, and its shadow plays hide and go seek.
God doesn't play hide and go seek, but Life does.
Try to grab onto your Life and it is always somewhere else.
Let go of your Life and find God, the solid rock behind, beneath, this experience. 
Waking this morning with nothing but a pile of anxiety and a little hope on the world and on good expectation.
Hoping now on Nothing, Knowing now on Everything...waiting, patiently for the FIRE.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maha Chohan.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Listen, so we are the Age to Come and we are the Power that already is...

Why do we procrastinate?
What are we waiting for, youth of now?

A moment, a time, a breath, before the storm. A time of preparation, seeing now the old falling away and feeling with growing certainty the change that is to come. We are exuberant are we not? But we don't know which way to turn, which way to go, just yet...soon we will...soon we will execute and all will unfold as it could, and should, and must.

So what will your role be oh soldier of fortune, oh princess of the becoming? 

Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh So You Think Life Is...?

I am fiery youth alive with passion. I am passion. I am life. Do you see the power of my passion when it is a simple but infinite Love for living? Simple life passes by so frequent, so continuous, and now I know just how great it is, just how miraculous, and I know why I have come. To live! Oh ye elders now perishing let not the candle flame of passion be extinguished from your heart. You are alive! Take and remember this cry, this call from your youth, those you birthed, but now we have cut the cord and taken on a new life, a new age, a new dispensation of love and experience. This is Our World now and you are invited to remain, stay awhile, we thank you for this world and for our births but We are the power elite now, we are what is to come, we beg of you to stay, but we burden you with a remembrance of the passion of your youth and a simple cry, You Are Alive!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Celebrate This Now

Beauty is Mine to Behold, Ours to Behold if we desire to behold together. I will seek the face of beauty, the blossoming of virtue. I will seek the quiet still that tells of such a thrill that Life is simple but miraculous as such. I will seek people in their element, in the midst of their lives, holding forth for what they desire and what they believe in. I will teach all people that there is nothing to "believe in" but there is Truth to know and accept. I will accept the Truth and wholeness of my Life as I live it out, as I run it out, as I scream and jump for joy at the coming morning and the glow of the stars at night. I will Live my Life before I regret wasting it away. I will waste nothing in God's Kingdom but will praise and accept and give thanks for all things. I give thanks for the opportunity to speak, and seek, and write, and meet all these grand wonderful people. Be yourself and live it out right in front and to me you are the greatest and blessed most of all because you are just in your life and your life burns bright and sure in you.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Path Is A Way Worn By Passing-Thru

Well the road ahead does split a bit and I see myself walking down either path.

How do I choose when I can see the road ahead, on both paths I can see myself walking?

I walk slowly down the path, on either side, the two converge, they diverge also, at points here and there they even cross and run away from each other.

I walk down the path, it is my life to walk this path and to make choices at the forks and three-way splits and round-abouts in the path, to follow my heart in the midst of confusion and deceit.

The sun rises over all paths and God walks beside me along every path.

Life is beautiful when I see that it is magnificent possibility and free will and the coming into being of the One and greatest Divine Plan.

See the paths of life,

how they split and grow,

and carry away to the horizon?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Set Lights Above Me

Today I die for Truth and Christ and the Father of Lights.
Today is the day and finally I have come.
How does a man seek and then find at the end of his seeking that he has been a fool, a wise fool laying out wise conceits like traps along the way?
You see I need not strike off into adventure and wonder, everything I am seeking is right here and I may praise the Lord cleaning bathrooms or as president, neither matter to the Lord, only that His Creation praises and glorifies Its Maker.
It is all beautiful reciprocal Love and I am a lowly man going down to the bottom of humility but my flesh screams as it dies and is angry, frustrated, and nearly without hope. 
I have come this far and do not turn around. I have come this far and will die for Christ if only I am sure that my death is not a fool's death, or a martyr-fool who seeks his death and chastisement from the world! Nay! I am the one who dies quiet and hopes on faith that his death is for Christ and not for the Master of Disguises. The antiChrist disguised as Christ coming as a sheep but is a wolf set to devour.
I have come this far and lay myself up.
Oh God what else can I do but die for you, My Maker?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bless the Morning

Now the morning whence I admit my becoming. Now the mourning of the lost night, the night lost inevitably to the rising son. Alas the day star shall arise in your heart, just open up to the possibility of greatness in your life, nay, may your experience be miraculous and each breath an assertion of the infallible and hope-filled. Light streaks down your path before you chela, step ahead each one step at a time but move on, progress and surely your day will come and your Son will rise. This is surely true and faith-filled.