Saturday, July 25, 2009

Well now WE sing

Well now we sing and our trial is done and our reward is soon. Wait, just one breath, and I do believe that our reward is already here and always it has been us. 

Now we rejoice and though all still looks the same, all feels much different. Everything is made whole and what was old is passed on and made one together again, solid as a rock. What is new is free and the weight of the old is gone and that freedom is a shining exuberance, a loud but gentle song, a song of worship, a time of rejoicing, a grabbing onto that which is real, and substantial, and a letting go of that which is tired, and wearing us down. We let go of habits, and addicts we once were, we let go of petty frustrations, we let go, and let go, and let go...

When we let go, we find we don't fall too far at all before some Greatness catches us. Oh! the freedom of truly and honestly letting go, the freedom of the short fall but the greatest freedom of the catch, the final assurance that everything is right there,  as it always was but better because instead of clutching on and trying to keep it right, and straight, it shines by your side and you can just fall and giggle and really, really, know that you don't have to hold anything together, that togetherness, wholeness, is the way it is ALL made.

Thank God.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yes, It is Sure

well if it all ended I sure would be glad and grateful that it all happened. 

but right now, in the midst of the happening, I just can't seem to figure out what its all about.

what is this business of life? how can I possibly be successful if I don't even know how to aim, nay, if I don't even know what to aim at?

oh, to be lost is a blessing, and to be found, I guess I just want to be found and secure for once and for all. 

I desire not to be bound by sin. But also I do not desire the gilded cage of feigned saintliness. oh no!

but it is nice to know that if it all ended I sure would be grateful and glad that it ever happened!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

I am fundamental. I am One. I am the destiny of the Universe. The hope of Creation rests in Me. And you. But Brother and Sister I can only speak of my experience. I must KNOW that All the Light in the Universe culminates in My experience, in this eternal moment. Where else is All but In me and I in it. I accept One.

All is One. 
There is no seperation.
How in One can perfect Love and Totality be external? 
My Life is that Perfection, is the seed and end of the Glorious Creation.
I accept Unity.
I accept my Atonement.
At One Ment,
for I am and I am there and all rests in the eternal present and perfect unity with Creation and God, the creator of the Totality.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Waking this morning,

and dreaming last night. There are so many wonderful pleasures in this world. Mad, ecstatic, bright people are a great joy for me. I find though that I have trouble finding the real hipFolk, the bright, bright, burning ones that never slow down or say a commonplace thing. Just now feeling a bit guilty for getting slightly angry at a new friend of mine who, after drinking all night, started trying to meet (or pick fights with) everyone in downtown Portland. Now looking back at this, I see that it is wonderful! Do your thing Brohim! I was only trying to hold back for some reason. Lets continue to live right on the edge. I am down to see the world in its entirety and speak to all the hipFolk, to really see what is going on in the world. Television, news, popular culture provide one view of the goings-on of this mad world. But, I know how I feel about things and I know there is a whole young world out there with new eyes and new hearts who see a better, crazier, limitless world. I want to see this world closeup with my own eyes. Good music, good parties, good people who never quit, who just burn at both ends even when they are doomed because a force compels them on to see the world, no youth, to BE THE WORLD.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

So today...

the thought, there is no thought, it rises but passes and that is all there is...the soundless ripple of a thought arising and slipping away. 

My life is a mosaic. 
My being is transparent, I can see all things from where I stand and all things pass through me.
My mission is crystallizing.
My intent is focused.
My heart is hopeful.

Today a day like many days. Today truly I see that all days are this day and (as it goes) this day is all days. There have been no days before this and this day shall remain forever. What is it that changes? Where am I in relation to this constant flux? Is there change, or is there unity and sameness? I cannot tell where I am at times. Time is dissolving, even space is dissolving. I feel I am in all places and in no places. I feel I am moving through time and I feel that time does not exist. 

My life is a mosaic. A Picasso. A symphony. Everything is blending together. I am losing my foundation: time, space, and personality. I am building a new foundation: eternity and spirit and complete transparency to all energy, to all time, and to all space.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Simply So, Simply So

This is a simple story of a boy who stared growing up thinking growing up was one thing and then realized that it is something else...

What is it to be made whole as a human being? What do we seek and strive for? What is it that lingers in the back of our mind, in the heart of our being, constantly begging to be seen, to be heard, to be let OUT!?

I desire to be whole. 

I desire to know and contain and experience all things. Life is you know this? When do you feel that life is precious? Is it attached to passing events or does it arise within, a simple, honest, burning conviction that whatever this life may be it must be precious. The external circumstances teach us that life is fun, rude, exciting, sorrowful, titillating, nerve racking, finger busting, beautiful, overwhelming...but only the simple and quiet heart teaches us that LIFE IS PRECIOUS.

It is so wonderfully confusing and challenging to be a human being, we are constantly pulled and pushed and just when we get our footing again we are washed away into the tide of experience. Oh joyous human experience that tugs at my heart and excites my intellect, that stirs passion in my soul for God, and passion in my flesh for Sin.

Oh God whatever it is, it is a grand experience to be HUMAN.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Call of the Highest Self

What is that force, that contradiction? Why do I feel split on simple decisions, like I don't know which voice is My Teacher? I know His Voice and heed His call but there is a contradiction, another voice that beckons toward distraction. If I am to cross the dark night, the sea of samsara, then I must heed the voice of My Teacher who calls from beyond. This is the only way. This is the miracle of the Guru, the dispeller of darkness, the Light with a human face that calls and says "come." Ceaselessly the voice calls me, "come," and though I am steadfast I do waver and slip into confusion. I choose confusion (see?) because the voice never stops calling, "come," but oh Master! on the way out I just like to stall a little, lollygag a little, smell the roses...but yes Lord I must come and though the acceleration frightens me I must put these childish games away and pursue your Truth and Righteousness alone. 

forever blessed mahaguru.

Monday, July 13, 2009

All Completeness Within

All is made complete and whole within. This is the work, the growth, of one who knows that within is without, and without, within. This is the work of the perfecting of the rule of reflection. All that I experience in the world (the phenomenal experience of the senses) is a reflection of my within. This is the necessity of purification. As I purify within I purify the world. The world is a reflection of Spirit and Spirit is within.

As I grow I recognize a process: the Unification  of All Duality. This is best exemplified by the sin of lust. Male and Female are representative of the Dual Nature, the active and the passive principles. Lust is a sin because it pulls outward, a powerful grasping energy that searches outside for completion that can only be found within. When I seek satisfaction in the external I edify the erroneous notion that I am not complete and must therefore seek my completion from external sources. All is within. I engage wisdom and faith and steadfastness in finding my completion within. I desire to be made fully male and fully female, to completely unify duality within. This is complete integration of the shadow and complete integration of all duality, properly justified in the Unification of All.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

seven twelve nine

Today is transformation. 
Today is the end of the beginning
and the beginning of the end.
Today is reckless
and grace filled
and wild
and loving
and joyous.
Today is like the day it all started.
Today is staring back, staring forward.
Today is simply focusing on today,
and working
all the way,
back to the end, to the beginning, to