Monday, July 13, 2009

All Completeness Within

All is made complete and whole within. This is the work, the growth, of one who knows that within is without, and without, within. This is the work of the perfecting of the rule of reflection. All that I experience in the world (the phenomenal experience of the senses) is a reflection of my within. This is the necessity of purification. As I purify within I purify the world. The world is a reflection of Spirit and Spirit is within.

As I grow I recognize a process: the Unification  of All Duality. This is best exemplified by the sin of lust. Male and Female are representative of the Dual Nature, the active and the passive principles. Lust is a sin because it pulls outward, a powerful grasping energy that searches outside for completion that can only be found within. When I seek satisfaction in the external I edify the erroneous notion that I am not complete and must therefore seek my completion from external sources. All is within. I engage wisdom and faith and steadfastness in finding my completion within. I desire to be made fully male and fully female, to completely unify duality within. This is complete integration of the shadow and complete integration of all duality, properly justified in the Unification of All.

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