Saturday, July 25, 2009

Well now WE sing

Well now we sing and our trial is done and our reward is soon. Wait, just one breath, and I do believe that our reward is already here and always it has been us. 

Now we rejoice and though all still looks the same, all feels much different. Everything is made whole and what was old is passed on and made one together again, solid as a rock. What is new is free and the weight of the old is gone and that freedom is a shining exuberance, a loud but gentle song, a song of worship, a time of rejoicing, a grabbing onto that which is real, and substantial, and a letting go of that which is tired, and wearing us down. We let go of habits, and addicts we once were, we let go of petty frustrations, we let go, and let go, and let go...

When we let go, we find we don't fall too far at all before some Greatness catches us. Oh! the freedom of truly and honestly letting go, the freedom of the short fall but the greatest freedom of the catch, the final assurance that everything is right there,  as it always was but better because instead of clutching on and trying to keep it right, and straight, it shines by your side and you can just fall and giggle and really, really, know that you don't have to hold anything together, that togetherness, wholeness, is the way it is ALL made.

Thank God.

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