Saturday, July 18, 2009

Waking this morning,

and dreaming last night. There are so many wonderful pleasures in this world. Mad, ecstatic, bright people are a great joy for me. I find though that I have trouble finding the real hipFolk, the bright, bright, burning ones that never slow down or say a commonplace thing. Just now feeling a bit guilty for getting slightly angry at a new friend of mine who, after drinking all night, started trying to meet (or pick fights with) everyone in downtown Portland. Now looking back at this, I see that it is wonderful! Do your thing Brohim! I was only trying to hold back for some reason. Lets continue to live right on the edge. I am down to see the world in its entirety and speak to all the hipFolk, to really see what is going on in the world. Television, news, popular culture provide one view of the goings-on of this mad world. But, I know how I feel about things and I know there is a whole young world out there with new eyes and new hearts who see a better, crazier, limitless world. I want to see this world closeup with my own eyes. Good music, good parties, good people who never quit, who just burn at both ends even when they are doomed because a force compels them on to see the world, no youth, to BE THE WORLD.

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  1. I've had a few drinks this afternoon on the lake, so I'm guilty of being a little tipsy, but, I felt like i just read that in the cadence you wrote it in, and it was Dope. Good Work. Off to read more of your ish....