Thursday, July 16, 2009

So today...

the thought, there is no thought, it rises but passes and that is all there is...the soundless ripple of a thought arising and slipping away. 

My life is a mosaic. 
My being is transparent, I can see all things from where I stand and all things pass through me.
My mission is crystallizing.
My intent is focused.
My heart is hopeful.

Today a day like many days. Today truly I see that all days are this day and (as it goes) this day is all days. There have been no days before this and this day shall remain forever. What is it that changes? Where am I in relation to this constant flux? Is there change, or is there unity and sameness? I cannot tell where I am at times. Time is dissolving, even space is dissolving. I feel I am in all places and in no places. I feel I am moving through time and I feel that time does not exist. 

My life is a mosaic. A Picasso. A symphony. Everything is blending together. I am losing my foundation: time, space, and personality. I am building a new foundation: eternity and spirit and complete transparency to all energy, to all time, and to all space.

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  1. WOW! (Yelled loud, like you're atop a Mountain peak yelling for an echo.)