Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Simply So, Simply So

This is a simple story of a boy who stared growing up thinking growing up was one thing and then realized that it is something else...

What is it to be made whole as a human being? What do we seek and strive for? What is it that lingers in the back of our mind, in the heart of our being, constantly begging to be seen, to be heard, to be let OUT!?

I desire to be whole. 

I desire to know and contain and experience all things. Life is you know this? When do you feel that life is precious? Is it attached to passing events or does it arise within, a simple, honest, burning conviction that whatever this life may be it must be precious. The external circumstances teach us that life is fun, rude, exciting, sorrowful, titillating, nerve racking, finger busting, beautiful, overwhelming...but only the simple and quiet heart teaches us that LIFE IS PRECIOUS.

It is so wonderfully confusing and challenging to be a human being, we are constantly pulled and pushed and just when we get our footing again we are washed away into the tide of experience. Oh joyous human experience that tugs at my heart and excites my intellect, that stirs passion in my soul for God, and passion in my flesh for Sin.

Oh God whatever it is, it is a grand experience to be HUMAN.

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