Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh So You Think Life Is...?

I am fiery youth alive with passion. I am passion. I am life. Do you see the power of my passion when it is a simple but infinite Love for living? Simple life passes by so frequent, so continuous, and now I know just how great it is, just how miraculous, and I know why I have come. To live! Oh ye elders now perishing let not the candle flame of passion be extinguished from your heart. You are alive! Take and remember this cry, this call from your youth, those you birthed, but now we have cut the cord and taken on a new life, a new age, a new dispensation of love and experience. This is Our World now and you are invited to remain, stay awhile, we thank you for this world and for our births but We are the power elite now, we are what is to come, we beg of you to stay, but we burden you with a remembrance of the passion of your youth and a simple cry, You Are Alive!

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