Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Path Is A Way Worn By Passing-Thru

Well the road ahead does split a bit and I see myself walking down either path.

How do I choose when I can see the road ahead, on both paths I can see myself walking?

I walk slowly down the path, on either side, the two converge, they diverge also, at points here and there they even cross and run away from each other.

I walk down the path, it is my life to walk this path and to make choices at the forks and three-way splits and round-abouts in the path, to follow my heart in the midst of confusion and deceit.

The sun rises over all paths and God walks beside me along every path.

Life is beautiful when I see that it is magnificent possibility and free will and the coming into being of the One and greatest Divine Plan.

See the paths of life,

how they split and grow,

and carry away to the horizon?

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