Monday, August 3, 2009

Set Lights Above Me

Today I die for Truth and Christ and the Father of Lights.
Today is the day and finally I have come.
How does a man seek and then find at the end of his seeking that he has been a fool, a wise fool laying out wise conceits like traps along the way?
You see I need not strike off into adventure and wonder, everything I am seeking is right here and I may praise the Lord cleaning bathrooms or as president, neither matter to the Lord, only that His Creation praises and glorifies Its Maker.
It is all beautiful reciprocal Love and I am a lowly man going down to the bottom of humility but my flesh screams as it dies and is angry, frustrated, and nearly without hope. 
I have come this far and do not turn around. I have come this far and will die for Christ if only I am sure that my death is not a fool's death, or a martyr-fool who seeks his death and chastisement from the world! Nay! I am the one who dies quiet and hopes on faith that his death is for Christ and not for the Master of Disguises. The antiChrist disguised as Christ coming as a sheep but is a wolf set to devour.
I have come this far and lay myself up.
Oh God what else can I do but die for you, My Maker?

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