Thursday, August 6, 2009

Celebrate This Now

Beauty is Mine to Behold, Ours to Behold if we desire to behold together. I will seek the face of beauty, the blossoming of virtue. I will seek the quiet still that tells of such a thrill that Life is simple but miraculous as such. I will seek people in their element, in the midst of their lives, holding forth for what they desire and what they believe in. I will teach all people that there is nothing to "believe in" but there is Truth to know and accept. I will accept the Truth and wholeness of my Life as I live it out, as I run it out, as I scream and jump for joy at the coming morning and the glow of the stars at night. I will Live my Life before I regret wasting it away. I will waste nothing in God's Kingdom but will praise and accept and give thanks for all things. I give thanks for the opportunity to speak, and seek, and write, and meet all these grand wonderful people. Be yourself and live it out right in front and to me you are the greatest and blessed most of all because you are just in your life and your life burns bright and sure in you.

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