Sunday, October 25, 2009


she said i was mature and spoke to her on the bench mature, heart warming. Real expansive love. today we realized we love each other and that our love is confidence, i tried to explain but couldnt. what is confidence in love and knowing? she is love. i am love. we are love together and separate. all is love and synergy is hearts in harmony in time, in life, being lived. today i did remember that i am alive and that this world is a beauty and a beautiful sign of our divinity. i see her now good and whole and my sister and my lover also. i told her, "now we have romance possible. one day coming we may not have romance, but we will raise each other and raise our children. but the romance makes it so fun." and warm, i am alive and shine a light and she is so beautiful to me in that light, like the light of my soul shining bright, shining out my future, even right, and me, and her, standing at a crossroads. playing a somewhat game all along (i love the game, it is like a poem and a riddle) but now, waking this morning and we have real love and a real life and she said, "you helped raise me."

wow! what a beautiful line in this riddle.

i am a beautiful line in the poem of my life and i am the writer of the poem and the reader and the seeker of its meaning and what else includes the life of a poem, i am the ultimate and absolute enjoyer of all things. i give up the movie of my life in my head and i live now the movie in my life and breath sincerity of expansive communication.

we started on a short rock wall, sitting, talking, sixteen. we talked and everyone was at the party around us. now twentysix and my birthday and my departure sitting on the bench in the midst of the party sincerely and honestly growing leaps and bounds in our relationship and our understanding of soul. i am hopeful of love and i have seen love and i feel love and i bet on love now in my life, forever. i go to build a new earth in the light.


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