Wednesday, October 14, 2009


i will have to be the center of my story, forgive me. the universe revolves about me and i am the center of all things. all things seen and thought come by me and through me and in all ways are being experienced. who experiences? this is the question. not, am i experiencing? this is certain, but who is I?

i will have to tell my story out and leave all things on the table, a symbol of hope in this age and a true and faithful coming into being of what is now to arrive on the earth for the delivereance of the tribes. the salvation of the people of the earth. it is coming. what can i say to paint this song? i cannot but i shall spill my guts out and tell you what it is like, what it is really like every step along the way. i will put it down, arduous i will make my life cinema.

string the pictures out, each moment for the people out front living, raw, hungry for the world, hungry for God, seeking strong the forward brazen path which only just now is coming down. my ego is jumping out of my chest, boastful, proud, but it is my spirit too that sings out and even my ego is somehow a voice now for my spirit. ego is present but singing out praises to the Father, to Creation itself, singing out in harmony and making, creating, painting reality as I experience it and leaving it.

yes, this is creating art.

this is clearing the throat and seeking I and finding the two are one, the voice and the source, and so Life and the senses speak for God and God is Spirit and speaks through spirit, always and forever the source and the reflection sing praise to God and the Son of God is never lost.

now is the philosophy, this is the freedom of revelation, maya is not illusion, maya is, but the yogi knows that maya testifies to God and therefore knows his Self. we paint, we create, and render the world and extend love by creating as God creates and thus testify the Father and live His Will.

we do what He made us to do and that is our freedom.

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