Saturday, November 28, 2009

A New Vision of the Hope that I Confess

I wanted to tell the truth and let it all out. I will have to. I will have to leave it on the table and see what I am made of, I will have to look at least in the harder places, I will have to fulfill my promise. What are my designations, to where am I headed? I can tell you a wonderful story I feel in my heart and a new vision for love on this planet. I may tell you the story if I can let myself go, I will let go by putting this down for posterity. I will say that too and be upfront about prophecy and I will remember this morning reading Paul, prophecy without love is nothing. So, prophecy but what of love and this is my question. I love when I feel hate because though I am low and stuck in the flesh I see the light in my head, the hope of my life rests on the light because I can see it and feel it, I study it and reckon the transmutation of my flesh. I feel pain but always no matter what the feeling I see the light in my head, to be honest I see Light in my head. There can be no battle, no slip, or fall because I see and feel always the swelling, shining Light in my head.

Austin, God Is inside me. I know. But your words check something in me, just like the day in Frisco on the Bart to the departure airport saturday. Integrate also that God is Outside of you.
David, when we connect at the heart we are sustainable. I am helping you build the land in the light.
Sophia, stop thinking. Only style tip is dress by your heart and that will take you to GQ.
Lyndsay, I am in India. Love.
James&Stacey, bless.
Mason, concentrate in the center of your head, the Pineal gland.
M&P. Love for everything, I have been blessed since I was born.


  1. Keep on keeping on, Eric. There will be highs and lows. There is a destination for all of us although I don't think it's obvious at the beginning.

  2. I just read this now but honestly feel like I'd already rec'd the msg - thanks for the shout out.