Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is evolution. This is love. Divine Love expanding. No lust. No need. No greed. This is love.

But is this revolution?

Political revolution?
Economic revolution?

Is this a revolution of religion?

Are we revolutionaries? We are evolutionaries, expanding, allowing, growing, glowing in the Light.

I think we are beyond revolution, literally shaking the foundation, we stand on the shoulders of political revolutions, we now experience revolution of religion but it is better termed revelation.

We are revlationaries, but are we revolutionaries?

I think not. This will not be a revolution (I once thought it was), now I see we are beyond revolution, we bring the Light.

No ideologies, no dichotomies, no arms, no battles, no wars, no Che, no Mandela, no King, but, oh yes, the Thing that burned in their hearts is now made manifest, the Light.

We will do all things and all things will be changed but our struggle is not for a new politcal system, a new market, or a new religion. This is the Coming of The Religion, the Light is here. It came with me, and with you, and is now being made manifest.

This is a revolution, but we are a revelation, and this is hands free, expansion is our weapon and the assurance of victory predestined, eternal.


  1. Yo E,

    This is weird, I think we really might have a connection beyond the physical realm, let me *try* to explain.

    Bob Marley is probably my fave all-time musician, and I've spent most of my playtime the last week learning his songs on the guitar. It's gotten me all excited about his music again, and more, him as a person, and his message. So I've been doing some leisurely reading on Rastafari's, going over some of it's aspects that I've read about in the past. I stumbled onto a website about Bob's msg regarding his call for "revolution" and how this blogger perceived it as a revolution from within. One that falls in line with rasta customs, like finding divinity within ourselves rather than externally. Reminds me a lot of Jesus' message in Luke 17:21, as well as Yogananda's teachings.

    Anyway, my inner thoughts on this in the last week have been slightly translucent. Like I could see/feel something, but not clearly, if that makes sense. That message, or perhaps intuition, became more clear after reading this passage. And while I still, and may forever, have answer-less questions - I think you've helped reveal more of the truth, aka light, for me.

    A real revelationary! (check out the song "Zimbabwe" to hear my tone on that. Excerpt for said song; "soon we'll find out, who is, the real revolutionaries!")

    I genuinely hope all is well with you in India, and while our true friendship may be of a more recent variety, to me it has such a deep familiarity. An understanding. Which is why I think you'll understand when I say, I miss you buddy.

    All my love from 7000 miles away, or farther...


  2. thats beautiful eric. I have had the same thoughts myself. Your writing is really good.