Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Love

now sitting room a little tired listening to the killers and digging my mind, digging how I am always going there when I am here and always here when I could be there and never really knowing which way is up, which way is down, and digging the swim for sure.

now standing in the dark, 3:04am Varkala, Kerala, India, Urantia, Satania.

all things needed roll right out in front before me and I step gently with a full heart into my destiny. so we will have to know this and take these lessons for proof of the finality. and we will have to walk, how nice? we walk together and alone. in pairs, in thrices, walking to and fro twice over the difficult hurdles or more but we will make it, what else to do? this will have to be our love and it will have to be free. certainly, so this is me.

walking. loving life. seeing every test before or after but seeing it clear and then this great joy swims up into my heart and silent I shout for joy, "wow." i really dig it, this is a magic ride and I got my carpet when I was born. blessed for sure. everything forever has lead me now here and everything forever more will lead me to Him, but that is a great mystery and should not be spoken of, cannot be spoken of. but it is there.

so we go home now and forever, painful sometimes I know but lets dig being home and going home all at once, forever fam, forever. oh we are up and down now and then aren't we? we go left and right and dig everything sometimes crying alone often no tears but we cry. and we laugh. we hope so hard we make it come, we know it comes and we hold our hands up and open our crowns and just say say, "come, come." it is so easy, yes?

and so hard family, stretching like always being broken. again and again we are broken because we are growing and wow the Light comes fast and hard when it starts and accelerates because you open your heart and your mind is blown to bits.

you, me, so I say we and know that I speak for all of us somehow, and you speak for all of us same how. same means by which we are unified and stitch with a similar thread, the same running through us all. bear me witness and I you. what do you think? can i put it down?

so now standing knowing I see it all and dig the pattern everywhere. I can put down the whole generation. lay it straight and shine a mirror for everyone to see their own awakening. oh, my aspirations are beyond the veil in this world and I feel great power. I can execute if I want I am only honing my skill.

I am an archer and I will not miss. I love you so you love me too even when you do not know it. and when you know it we are in love.

do you fancy being in love with me?

so lets love and follow love and be in love forever together, maybve we can just roll straight out of here back home and never walk again. but for now the path is before us and I'd rather walk with you dear one and we can all walk together if you wish. I am here for us now and I am here for the mad expression of all things bursting forth, and it comes through my chest. my words strike each moment successively, a clock, perfect timing, perfect rhythm.

you wonder if I am mad. and I am. but there is something else. I must have something you know, there must be something going on, what is? where are we going? what is the world? what is God?

shall I go or should I stay?

well. lets take it easy and walk slow, feel the earth on your feet, the weight and shift, your body moving with each step. now we can walk together and talk a bit and I will bring hot tea in my thermos and we will meet many friends along the way and everything will flow out before our secret, a great unfolding secret,

always there is more.

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