Monday, January 11, 2010


What I have not experienced is not real for me.

I am what I have experienced.

So allow me to throw my arms in the air and embrace the experience of today.

I will set a high bar and each day exceed it. I will show up to my life and live it out.

I will read these words before I go out tomorrow and I will remember to live this day to its utmost. Yes. This life is for the choosing. So choose and do and when you have done do again, your life is your experience, that is all.

What will come tomorrow? What can I paint on this blank canvas called today? What fears will rise? How will I face them? What temptations? How will the path be manifest today and how well can I follow the path?

A written challenge to myself I see. A life lived for freedom and goodness. I will drop my grabbing now. It is done. I will be happy. I will live everyday as full as possible. I will be a man. I will draw my life together. I will be a man of God. I will draw my life together with God. I will face my life now with triumph, I have rested. I have expanded. I am strong now and will be a man.

Today I stand up for my life.

What can be accomplished for the good of all things today?


  1. wonderful. it is like a prayer. I have been doing this every morning when I wake up, I grab my necklace from the nightstand hold it in my hands and put the prayer into the smoky quarts crystal and then put my necklace on and the day begins.

  2. Yes Eric! I liken this to when people say, "you are what you eat," the same goes for life. We are the product of our experiences and from our experiences, which makes it important to actually LIVE. Which of course you are doing, and doing well no less! If we put ourselves out-there on the edge, out on the fringe of uncomfortable, like you are in India, I cant help but speculate we become more with those grand and otherwise unique experiences.

    All my love!