Thursday, January 21, 2010


because I sat once to write a good note and felt good and whole and came to some further synthesis and understanding, one ring out in eternity but for my expansion and my personality a real wow, like seeing through into the nature of things.

and now still strung out on that first vision.

still hung up on myself as I was and as I can be, seeing potential and going mad, no control, a real junky, strung out on revelation, incapacitated, immobile.

I never accomplish a thing.

I am always looking out the windows of my life hoping for the summer to end this winter of my discontent. first waiting for just a sign of spring to indicate my emancipation coming, then, after my powers swelled and I continued to grow I hoped for summer in an instant, instant release from the confines of my gloomy fate. always this falling gray winter of my sordid discontent.

when summer did not defy its own law and appear, and yet spring was no sooner coming and showing not a twinge or a sign, I thought I might have to work for my freedom and so took my first step upon the path.

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